Are we seeing double here? A new photo that Daniela Ruah (37) posted on her Instagram account says it all. It shows three NCIS: L.A. actresses - but with their stunt double.

Female NCIS: L.A. stars pose with stunt doubles

With this funny snapshot, Daniela introduces the actresses' stunt doubles. Left is Medalion Rahimi (29), who plays "Fatima Namazi" in the series, seen together with her stunt double. In the middle, guest star Lex King aka "Mia Hahn" poses with a stunt woman who looks very similar to the actress.

You also have to take a closer look at Daniela Ruah, who we know as “Kensi Blye” and her doppelganger.

Seems like the six women filmed some tough action scenes recently. Daniela also uses this picture to promote a new episode of the popular crime series. The new season of NCIS: L.A. has already started in the USA. Did you watch last night's episode? 

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