In the episode that was broadcast on 27 October 2017, the villainous character of "Pat Phelan" (Connor McIntyre) controversially caused the deaths of two people; "Vinny Ashford" (Ian Kelsey) and "Andy Carver" (Oliver Farnworth) in events which were described as "too dark and violent to air pre-watershed".

Connor McIntyre attends the Inside Soap Awards held at 100 Wardour Street on October 22, 2018 in London, England

More shocking events

In the same episode, "Phelan's" daughter "Nicola Rubinstein" (Nicola Thorp) discovered her birth was caused by a serious sexual assault committed by "Pat" against her late mother "Annabel". She subsequently disowned "Phelan" in response to this, as well as finding out that he previously raped "Anna Windass" (Debbie Rush) back in 2014.

The scenes caused an almost immediate reaction from some fans, while others commended the show for "bringing drama back to the Street".