The Criminal Minds Cast

Some of the actors try their hand at directing!

'Criminal Minds': 5 Cast Members Turned Directors

The final season of Criminal Minds is set to air very soon and we are hopeful that we will see all of our favourite cast members on screen at least one more time. Based on some cast photos that we have seen, we know that most of our favourites will be reprising their roles including "David Rossi" (Joe Mantegna), "Spencer Reid" (Matthew Gray Gubler), "Emily Prentiss" (Paget Brewster), "Jennifer "J.J." Jareau" (A.J. Cook), "Penelope Garcia" (Kirsten Vangsness), "Tara Lewis" (Aisha Tyler), "Luke Alvez" (Adam Rodriguez), and "Matt Simmons" (Daniel Henney).

Criminal Minds: Could Shemar Moore be back?  

Some others that will be making an appearance are Rachel Leigh Cook as "Max", "Reid's" love interest and Jane Lynch will be back as "Reid's" mother, "Diana". The question still remains whether or not "Supervisory Special Agent Derek Morgan" (Shemar Moore) will make an appearance in the final season. What we do know is that his character wasn't killed off in season 11 when he left the show "to try new things". This means that the door is still open to see him return.

Shemar Moore is open to returning

Shemar Moore has recently reprised his role as "Malcolm Winters" in The Young and the Restless to pay tribute to the late actor Kristoff St. John. This doesn't necessarily mean that we can expect to see "Derek" for sure, but it does indicate however that Shemar is open to reprising his roles. Here's hoping that we get to see the handsome special agent one last time... 

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