The Season 14 finale of Criminal Minds brought a shock-wave through fans and audiences' alike as "JJ" revealed that she is in love with "Reid". "JJ," who is payed by A.J. Cook, is a married woman on the show which in itself brings forth complications with her confession. "Reid," who is played by Matthew Gray Gubler, is single, however we have learned that he will have a relatively serious love interest in the final season of the show which won't be "JJ". 

Rachael Leigh Cook Has Been Cast

It was recently reported by TVLine that Rachael Leigh Cook who we know from the series Perception (2012-2015), has been cast in a recurring role for the 10-episode final season. Her character name is "Max" who is described as a "kind-hearted, candid woman who strikes up an unusual relationship with Spencer," according to TVLine

Whether or not you are team "JJ & Reid" or not, the arrival of this new woman is sure to complicate "Reid's" personal life in a significant way. It has been said that the first two episodes of the final season will deal with this complicated revelation and the relationship between "JJ" and "Reid". We are on the edge of our seats waiting to see what happens! Stay tuned...

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