Criminal Minds is officially over after 15 seasons of pure action and emotion. The final two-hour long episode was broadcast on February 19th, 2020. Attention, there are spoilers ahead! 

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Criminal Minds: The emotional series finale

The stories about "JJ" (Andrea Joy Cook, 41), "Reid" (Matthew Gray Gubler, 39), "David Rossi" (Joe Mantegna, 72) and the gang have also come to an end with the finale. Here's what you missed...

Already the teaser for the series finale gave insight into the last episode. It became explosive in the truest sense of the word. The team was still chasing "Everett Lynch" (Michael Mosley, 41), also known as "Chameleon". When the agents tracked down the killer in his house, the "Chameleon's" mother set it on fire.

"Reid" was injured in the subsequent explosion. At first however, he seemed to have suffered only minor injuries. When he took time to rest at home after work, he collapsed. He suffered a brain hemorrhage and was fighting for his life.

"Reid" began to hallucinate, encountering ghosts from his past. So does his late ex-girlfriend "Maeve" (Beth Jean Riesgraf, 41), the murdered boss of the "Erin Strauss" team and the "Reaper" (C. Thomas Howell, 53). The agent also saw scenes from his early days at "BAU". Fortunately, "Reid" woke up again after the hallucinations.

Criminal Minds: The end of "The Chameleon"

While "Reid" is in the hospital, the whole "BAU" team tries to find "Everett" aka "Chameleon". This one goes on the offensive and captures "Rossi's" wife "Crystal". "Rossi" negotiated her release and took the hostage's place. When "Everett" tried to escape with him in a plane, a fight breaks out. "Rossi" is shot and falls from the plane, but survived.

"JJ" finally manages to set the plane on fire, killing the murderer.

Criminal Minds: Sad Farewell to a Character

One month after the death of "Chameleon" the team - "Rossi" and "Reid" have recovered in the meantime - met for a party. Earlier, "Garcia" (Kirsten Vangsness, 47) announced that she would be leaving the team and would like to work for a non-profit organization. She gave a touching speech in which she thanked her team for their support over the years. Finally she appeared for the last time at work, switched off her computer and left the "BAU". 

Hardly any Criminal Minds comebacks

Fans of the crime series had hoped that there would be comebacks in the final episode. However, apart from the return of smaller characters like "Maeve", "Erin" and the "Reaper" they were disappointed. Neither "Hotch" (Thomas Gibson, 57) nor "Morgan" (Shemar Moore, 49) made appearances in the finale, apart from flashbacks.