In the early years of Criminal Minds, fans could find A.J. Cook in a variety of TV series and films alongside their favourite show. But the actress who played "Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau" scaled back on roles in the 2010s, working primarily on Criminal Minds.

In fact, since 2013, Cook had only one other role, in 2019 drama Back Fork — a collaboration with Criminal Minds co-star Josh Stewart. But now that the CBS series wrapped up in 2020, what does the popular TV star have in store for fans?

Criminal Minds: "JJ" actress A.J. Cook's new job

So far, Cook, 40, hasn't committed to any new roles post-Criminal Minds. The show's finale aired in February 2020, shortly before the early moments of the pandemic and lockdown.

Criminal Minds: "JJ" actress A.J. Cook

But recently, the actress appeared in her biggest role yet after Criminal Minds, as the cover star of Southbay magazine's September issue.

In the interview, the mother of two revealed that she's focused on family life and the fashion work of her husband, Nathan Andersen. But she does have sights set on a new role in the entertainment world: as film director.

Cook had her first directing job on a Criminal Minds episode in season 14. "I love acting and it will always be a huge part of me, but there was just something about directing that felt like home," she told Southbay. The outlet revealed that her first gig post-Criminal Minds will be a feature film titled Contain, of which little else is known at this time.

A.J. Cook in 2020: What fans can look forward to

But Criminal Minds and A.J. Cook fans need not fear. The actress isn't retiring from on-screen roles, she told Southbay, whose recent shoot with the star is included below.

It appears fans of "JJ" on Criminal Minds have plenty to look forward to in the coming years, as Cook explores work behind the camera, new roles, and perhaps more cover shoots. Stay tuned for more on Cook's Contain, or revisit Criminal Minds S14 episode "Chameleon" for a preview of her directing talents.

Longtime co-star Matthew Gray Gubler, meanwhile, has already lined up a new film and released new projects since the series wrapped. Click here to learn more.

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