In the popular show Criminal Minds, "Prentiss", played by Paget Brewster, first appeared in episode nine of season two and replaced agent "Ella Greenaway" (Lola Glaudini). In the sixth season, "Prentiss" (along with her co-star A.J. Cook) was released from her contract because CBS was cutting costs - but the network had not accounted for the fans' reaction to that move.

Criminal Minds "Prentiss": Fired and rehired

"Prentiss" and "JJ" were very popular with Criminal Minds fans so their firing caused quite a stir with audiences. CBS decided to listen to the fans and rehired both actresses and kept them for the following season. Brewster decided to leave the show at the end of the seventh season to pursue a career in more comedic TV shows.

But Brewster was not able to stay away from her the show for very long, reprising her role of "Emily Prentiss" in season nine for the 200th episode of Criminal Minds and again as a special guest star in season 11. After appearing in a bunch of other TV shows like Community and Modern Family as a guest star, she eventually returned to Criminal Minds in 2016 when Thomas Gibson ("Hotch") was fired from the show.

In 2020, Criminal Minds came to an end after 15 very successful seasons, but that does not mean that Paget Brewster is out of a job. She has been doing a lot of voice acting ever since the early 2000s and kept going in the 2010s, voicing one of the main characters on the show Dan Vs. for three seasons. Since 2018, she has lent her voice to "Della Duck" in the very successful DuckTales reboot and she also had voice roles in Family Guy, American Dad and BoJack Horseman

Criminal Minds: What's next for "Prentiss"?

And her newest projects are also voice roles - Brewster will lend her voice to the character "Judy Ken Sebben/Birdgirl" in the show Birdgirl and will also voice one of the main characters in the shows Alpha Betas and Magical Girl Friendship Squad.

But Paget Brewster does not only use her talents in a voiceover booth, she is also still busy acting. Most recently, she played the historic figure Tallulah Bankhead in Ryan Murphy's very successful Netflix Show Hollywood and also had a guest role on the show Mom in 2019.

Sounds like our favorite Criminal Minds star "Prentiss" will be plenty busy in the years to come!

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