In its current 14th season, Criminal Minds which is a CBS crime drama that revolves around an elite team of FBI profilers, has been cut down to 15 episodes. This is out of the norm for the hit series as previous seasons averaged 22 episodes per season. The network has commented that the number of episodes could change for season 14, but that will be dependent on production.

With the change in time from 9 p.m. to 10 p.m. last season, it has improved the time period and is doing well in delayed viewing according to Deadline. With that being said, the ratings are down by 25% from season 13, according to TV Series Finale. While the main cast of Criminal Minds in locked in for the 14th season, new deals will have to be made to move forward with season 15 which can also have an impact on the decision to renew. 

Will there be a renewal in the future for Criminal Minds? That is still uncertain. CBS has yet to announce what's next for the crime show, but CBS Entertainment president Kelly Kahl has commented, "I'm not saying this is the last season." 

If there is a renewal, we expect to find out in spring 2019. There is still hope for all the Criminal Minds fans out there. Stay tuned...  

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