Revisiting "Gil" and "Sara" years later!

'CSI: Vegas': William Petersen And Jorja Fox Talk Reprising Roles

CSI: Vegas: William Petersen And Jorja Fox Talk Reprising Roles

CSI: Vegas will make its debut in October, with William Petersen and Jorja Fox returning! The stars discussed the revival series during a recent panel, opening up about returning to the franchise. Find out why the original stars were happy to come back!

CSI: Vegas is one of the fall's most highly anticipated shows, since it relaunches the CSI franchise with fresh faces as well as original cast members! As Entertainment Tonight shares, William Petersen and Jorja Fox recently talked about the upcoming crime drama during the Television Critics' Association press tour, sharing what it was like for them to revisit their characters years later.

Petersen says he "sort of jumped at" returning to CSI

Fox reflected on how she feels about being back in the CSI world in 2021, calling the show "at once this familiar thing in my mind and also brand new." While she did comment on feeling "a little rusty" in returning to her role and mentioned how the world feels "topsy-turvy," the actress said it's "great to be grounded with William Petersen and be back as Sara and Grissom."

Petersen called the idea of relaunching the show with CSI: Vegas "unexpected," but said he "sort of jumped at it" when given the chance to play "Grissom" again. "The idea of coming back in the land of science, I thought, was really a great opportunity," he explained. He also shared that two decades having passed and new cast members joining the series make it exciting.


Last month, Petersen was briefly hospitalized after exhaustion while filming the show, but made a quick recovery. There has also been a brand-new trailer for CSI: Vegas released, which gives fans a look at Fox, Petersen, and the rest of the cast in action ahead of the series' October 6, 2021 premiere!