Cynthia Nixon is glad And Just Like That... responded to the allegations surrounding Chris Noth by removing his final scenes! The topic of Noth's newly deceased character "Mr. Big" no longer appearing in the HBO Max show's finale was brought up in a recent interview, which saw the actress share her thoughts on the decision.

Nixon says she feels "very proud" of show's decision

Nixon feels positively about Noth no longer continuing to appear in the Sex and the City spinoff via flashback scenes. While talking to Entertainment Tonight's Rachel Smith, Nixon expressed that those involved in the show feel "very lucky that those changes were able to be made," affirming that they are "very proud" of what they have created.

The actress, who plays "Miranda Hobbes" on And Just Like That... also addressed how the real-life death of one of the cast members impacted the show. Nixon expressed the importance of fans not being "distracted from the fictional characters," mentioning the rewrites that were required after Willie Garson, who played "Stanford," passed away from pancreatic cancer.

Cynthia Nixon, Kirstin Davis and Sarah Jessica Parker on the set of And Just Like That

Noth came under fire back in December after multiple women accused him of sexual assault, including actress Zoe Lister-Jones. He was also removed from future episodes of the series The Equalizer as a result of the allegations. As for Nixon, she can next be seen in the new period drama series The Gilded Age, created by Dowton Abbey's Julian Fellowes.