"Changed my relationships with them"

Daniel Dae Kim Addresses How 'Hawaii Five-0' Cast Reacted To His Exit

Daniel Dae Kim On How Hawaii Five-0 Cast Reacted To Exit Controversy

In a new interview, Daniel Dae Kim addressed how his Hawaii Five-0 co-stars reacted to the controversy that resulted in his 2017 exit from the series. He and Grace Park had left after a dispute over their significantly lower salaries compared to those of the show's white male leads. Here are Kim's new comments and whether he saw his castmates as "allies" in the incident.

Daniel Dae Kim has shared new thoughts on his Hawaii Five-0 exit, specifically how his co-stars responded to the controversy that made him leave the series in 2017.

In a new Vulture interview, Kim spoke on his career, upcoming projects, and his work as a Korean American actor and public figure. The conversation also covered when he and Grace Park exited Hawaii Five-0 after season 7 following a dispute with CBS regarding their salaries.

Daniel Dae Kim on Hawaii Five-0 cast amid pay controversy

Kim and Park quit Hawaii Five-0 after CBS refused to match their salaries with white male leads Scott Caan and Alex O'Loughlin. When asked if he felt his co-stars were "allies" in the fight for equal pay, Kim said: "I think any time you have an ensemble of actors, everyone's objectives are unique and individual."

He continued, "So it's hard for me to collectively say whether they were allies in this. And I do know that the way things got spun by the end changed my relationships with them."

Grace Park and Daniel Dae Kim exited Hawaii Five-0 after season 7.

When asked to get more specific, Kim declined, adding only: "I've spoken more about it here than I ever have." Hawaii Five-0 continued for three seasons after the sudden exit of Kim and Park, two of the leads at the time. Ian Anthony Dale, who played the husband of Park's character, also became a series regular in the aftermath of the departures.

Daniel Dae Kim's Hawaii Five-0 comments, new movies

Kim didn't name names in his new comments on his exit, but it sounds as if some Hawaii Five-0 stars weren't so supportive to him and Park during their equal pay negotiations and eventual exit from CBS.

Hawaii Five-0 cast: Daniel Dae Kim, Scott Caan, Alex O'Loughlin, Grace Park.

You can see the actor next in the Netflix movie Stowaway coming later this month, and he's also set to appear in an upcoming Asian American heist film where he'll co-star with Randall Park.