Anyone who wants to fully and properly explain Dark will be busy for quite a while. In order to bring a little light into the darkness, some understanding should be brought into the plot here. The location of the series is a fictional mysterious and malevolent small town in Germany called "Winden". Warning, spoilers!

At first, young 16-year-old "Jonas Kahnwald" played by Louis Hofman in the year 2019 is the focus. His father "Michael Kahnwald" played by Sebastian Rudolph, tragically took his own life. "Jonas" then spent months in therapy and upon his return to his twisted home town, a wild series of events begin to take place. 

Dark Explained: The Youths Take Charge of Solving the Missing Children Cases

While it doesn't seem very complicated at first, it soon changes. While "Jonas" was gone, his classmate and the school marijuana dealer "Erik Obendorf" disappeared without a trace. The police have no leads and the teenagers "Bartosz Tiedemann" (Paul Lux), "Martha Nielsen" (Lisa Vicari), "Franziska Doppler" (Gina Stiebitz), "Magnus Nielsen" (Wolfram Koch), and "Mikkel Nielsen" (Daan Lennard Liebrenz) decide to look for his stash of weed in the mysterious cave nearby the local power plant.  

In the Netflix series "Dark", young people try to solve the secrets that revolve around their place

While searching at the mouth of the cave the teenagers become frightened by eerie sounds and their flashlights flickering and they all scatter. Once they reunite they realize the youngest of the "Nielsen's" is missing. 11-year-old "Mikkel" is nowhere to be found. 

This is what sparks the rest of the mysteries. Secrets are exposed and families begin to break down when more and more unusual events begin to take place. It turns out that there is a wormhole in the creepy cave and the dangerously leaking powerplant that leads to different times like 1888, 1921, 1954, 1987, and 2053. "Mikkel" gets trapped in the 80s, his father "Ulrich" gets trapped looking for him in 1953, and an older version of "Jonas" is able to pass through different times. 

'Dark' Netflix Series Critical Reception

The family's complicated ties and the decisions their predecessors made affect almost every timeline in different ways. Some characters are aware of the time-traveling characters and others are still in the proverbial dark about it all, taking all the strange happenings at face value. 

"Jonas" seems to take on the most responsibility and plans on altering the course of history in order to protect his loved ones. 

Dark Explains The Cycles Of Life

The series is not just about time travel adventures, but also how everything in life is connected and a cycle. The questions and heavy concepts such as the beginning of life, the meaning of life, and fate are all addressed in incredible ways, pushing each character to the brink of sanity. 

The story itself is also very cyclical, like the origin of protagonist "Jonas". "Jonas" finally lands in 1986 and finds missing "Mikkel" there and realizes that "Mikkel" grows up to be his own father. "Jonas" also runs into "The Stranger" quite a bit who turns out to be the future version of "Jonas" himself and tries to warn present-day "Jonas" to not intervene in what has already taken place.

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Dark VS. Stranger Things

When either series is briefly explained, many believe the two shows are very similar considering the description. Both involve young people disappearing and searching for each other but while there are a few similarities there are just as many and perhaps even more differences. We broke the major points down for you here:

The Different Timelines in Dark

Each of the characters' entanglements and directions is highly complicated and yet explains a lot of why things are the way they are in Winden. The story is not just about "Jonas" and his friends, but also the parents and descendants of each of them whose stories are explained through sepia-toned flashbacks to the fifties and earlier. 

Lisa Vicari and Moritz Jahn in the Netflix series "Dark" 

The stories are each affected by the events that took place in 1888, 1921, 1954, 1987, and 2052. The more we learn about one timeline, the more we learn about them all so it is important to pay attention to each family line, their actions, and especially their secrets. 

louis hofmann dark netflix cast

The Stars of the Twisted Hit

'Dark': Netflix Cast, Meet the Stars

Dark received incredible praise from critics all over the world, not just Germany. Once you finally make it through the addictive tension of all 3 seasons, the conspiracies and questions are all finally answered and explained. Although you may have to go through it a few times to really understand it all. 

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The music driving the intense series

Netflix's 'Dark' Soundtrack