Could we be seeing "Tony DiNozzi" on NCIS again in the near future?

Well, fans may have reason to get their hopes up, after Michael Weatherly recently shared an NCIS throwback photo with a cryptic message on Twitter. So, what could it mean?

NCIS: Michael Weatherly hinting at "Tony" return in season 19?

The photo in question is of Weatherly suited up in full NCIS gear having a laugh with the camera crew. He included the message "#ncis Camera is King."

There's a lot to unpack in Weatherly's post. First — and most interestingly — NCIS began shooting its 19th season in July, meaning that the "Tony" actor shared his post just days after the cast returned to set. Was he in front of that camera once again?

Not only that, but there are also big question marks about how the NCIS team will transition to a future without "Gibbs," as star Mark Harmon is only appearing in a few episodes in season 19.

NCIS: Will "Tony" and "Ziva" come back for "Gibbs"?

We previously looked at a pretty convincing theory that "Ziva" (Cote de Pablo) could be returning next season. So a double reunion with "Tony" could also make sense, be it for a send-off for "Gibbs" or to help fill the void of his absence.

Weatherly left NCIS in season 13 back in 2016. His exit was explained with "Tony" apparently living in France with "Ziva" and their children. And fans still miss him on the show to this day.

Michael Weatherly hinting at NCIS comeback in season 19?

On Weatherly's new post, one fan wrote: "Wish u'd come back to ncis, not been same without Tony."

Another added, "come back to usss," while others asked if the star is "making a comeback." But Weatherly didn't respond to any comments.

Weatherly, who turned 53 last month, currently stars on CBS's Bull. We'll certainly be tuning in to see how it all plays out in NCIS season 19 this fall.