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Disney Movies: These Live-Action Reboots Were More Successful Than The Originals

The real-live version of 2019's hit film The Lion King.

Animated Disney films are everyone's favorites and takes us back to our childhood. With new technologies, Disney's reboots are turning classic characters into real-life people! Check out the video to find out which films passed the originals in the box office!

With stars such as Beyoncé and Donald Glover, it's no surprise how successful The Lion King has become. Before The Lion King, there were other real-life Disney films, such as Beauty and the Beast with the beautiful Emma Watson. But, was it as successful in movie theaters? Find out in the video above!

The 2017 Disney film, Beauty and the Beast.

Dan Stevens and Emma Watson portray the "Beast" and Belle" in 2017's Beauty and the Beast.