Don Johnson is easily one of the most successful TV action stars of all time. His suave and cheeky smile has made every one of his productions a hit and now he is bringing a big one back!

Don Johnson Announces Nash Bridges Reboot!

"Inspector Nash Bridges" himself was a guest on The Ellen DeGeneres Show Wednesday night and made a big announcement. Ellen asked Don, "Hey, you're working on something now that fans are going to be excited about. Tell everybody what you're doing."

Don Johnson and Cheech Marin in 'Nash Bridges'.

The Miami Vice star Don Johnson said, "Well, we're in heavy prep for a reboot of Nash Bridges!" After a roar of applause, Don explained, "So we find Nash some years later and Cheech is going to come back and join me, and Jeff Perry, and we've got a pretty exciting show that we're prepping in San Francisco right now."

Hilarious Ellen joked, "It's a shame you can't find work because you really after 50 years... not a year goes by that you don't have a project. It's amazing. Good for you."

Don humbly responded with: "I'm just struggling along here." Ellen quickly retorted, "Yes, congratulations on the way you look."

The addictive show first aired in 1996 and for six seasons we followed suave "Nash Bridges" and his SFPD "Special Investigations Unit" solve intense crime all over the city. The team took on the hardest tasks while having fun along the way. "Nash's" partner "Joe Dominguez" (Cheech Marin) and "Harvey Leek" (Jeff Perry) will be returning as well!

The show ended in 2001 and now 20 years later we finally get to see the crew back together! Hopefully, we get to see the gorgeous 1971 Plymouth convertible too!

The Cast of 'Nash Bridges'.


The Cast of 'Miami Vice'.


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