Ellen Pompeo (50) has played "Meredith Grey" since the Grey's Anatomy series began in 2005. Fans have gone through all the ups and downs with her, laughing, crying, and holding their breath in suspense - but all of that could soon be over. The actress reveals in an interview that the next season of Grey's Anatomy could also be the last.

Grey's Anatomy: Ellen Pompeo is thinking of quitting

Ellen Pompeo is one of the actresses making a good $20 million a year and making her one of the highest-paid actresses in the world. This is what her role as a surgeon "Dr. Meredith Grey" in Grey's Anatomy has given her. But this year, Ellen's contract ends and she's not yet sure how it will go on for her and the series. In an interview with Variety, she explains: "We don’t know when the show is really ending yet. But the truth is, this year could be it."

With over 360 episodes in 16 seasons, Grey's Anatomy is the most successful and longest-running medical series ever - it has even overtaken ER. The coronavirus pandemic will play a major role in the coming 17th season. Ellen Pompeo said: "I’m really, really, really excited about this season. It’s probably going to be one of our best seasons ever. And I know that sounds nuts to say, but it’s really true."

Ellen Pompeo as "Meredith" in Grey's Anatomy, 2005 owes her career to Moonlight Mile. 

Many ask, of course, why Ellen Pompeo is thinking of quitting after the great success, especially since according to Grey's Anatomy creator Shonda Rhimes (50) with the exit of "Meredith" the whole series would end. Ellen Pompeo, who also works as a producer on the set, only wants the best for the TV series: "I’m constantly fighting for the show as a whole to be as good as it can be. As a producer, I feel like I have permission to be able to do that."

No final decision for Ellen Pompeo yet

With the possible exit of Ellen Pompeo from Grey's Anatomy, an entire era could come to an end. No wonder that the actress does, nothing makes her decision easy: "I don’t take the decision lightly. We employ a lot of people, and we have a huge platform. And I’m very grateful for it," the actress said.

Hopefully, we will soon find out what Ellen Pompeo really decides in the end and whether Grey's Anatomy comes to an end after the 17th season.

The new Grey's Anatomy season starts in the USA on November 12th with a crossover episode with the spin-off Station 19 - a "Shocking end" announced - fans can look forward to it.

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