Ellen Pompeo has opened up about the future of Grey's Anatomy. In a recent interview with CBS Sunday Morning, the actress— who has played "Meredith Grey" since the beginning of the series— talked about a possible end to the successful show.

Pompeo is still uncertain when it comes to "Meredith's" fate

Pompeo recently shocked fans by saying that this season of Grey's Anatomy could be the last. When asked in an interview last year how the show should go on, she revealed they're currently looking towards an ending. "We honestly don't know yet," Pompeo said. "We're trying to decide that right now." 

The actress told CBS Sunday Morning what questions are being brought up regarding to the end of Grey's Anatomy. "What kind of story do we want to tell? How do we end such an iconic series?" she asked. And when it comes to "Meredith's" fate in the current season, Pompeo said she doesn't know if her character will succumb to coronavirus or survive.

Ellen Pompeo as "Meredith Gray"

Pompeo wants Grey's Anatomy to have "a nice ending"

Pompeo went on to say that when the series does come to an end, she wants it to have a worthy finale. "I want to make sure that we give the characters, the show and the fans a nice ending," she explained. Previously, Pompeo has called being on Grey's Anatomy a "huge responsibility," especially as it tackles the COVID-19 crisis.

She also talked about how she started out on the hit medical drama, revealing that she had originally accepted the job for financial reasons. While she only expected to be working for six weeks, Pompeo had no idea that Grey's Anatomy would continue to be so successful 17 seasons later!