Emily in Paris has captivated audiences worldwide since it landed on Netflix last month! Of course, fans of the show are clamouring to learn everything they can about it— including some interesting tidbits from behind the scenes!

Read on to find out 5 fun facts that you might not know about Emily in Paris!

Sex and the City's costume designer worked on the show

Emily in Paris has been billed as a Sex and the City-esque show for this generation, especially since both series were created by Darren Star. And, as it turns out, this comparison also extends to the fashion of the series! SATC's costume designer Patricia Field created several iconic looks for "Emily"— some of which may look familiar to fans of both series!

"Gabriel" has briefly trained as a chef in real life

Lucas Bravo, who plays chef— and "Emily's" love interest— "Gabriel," revealed that he actually has experience in a Parisian kitchen himself! "I was a sous chef in a restaurant a few years ago," he shared in an interview with Manny the Movie Guy. In fact, he mentioned that he wished he was able to show off more of his culinary skills in the show!

Lily Collins actually grew up fluent in French

While her character "Emily" barely knows the language, often learning it on the fly throughout the series, Lily Collins has shared that she herself used to be quite proficient in French! "I used to speak and dream in French, read in French, and was pretty fluent," Collins revealed to Glamour. "But then I stopped practicing." However, she said that if the series were to get renewed— which it recently did!— she would immerse herself in the language again!

The cast enjoyed dining together while not filming

There are many moments in Emily in Paris where the characters can be seen dining out together, and Collins shared that she and her castmates actually did the same during breaks from filming! "We could eat at Café de Flore and have dinner, or a nearby market to pick up food," she said. "Or walk next door to a local spot and get a coffee or a juice. The city was at our fingertips. It was a real treat."

William Abadie and Lily Collins in a scene from the series 'Emily in Paris', in 2020.

"Mindy" wasn't supposed to be a singer originally

While "Mindy's" dream of becoming a singer is a big part of her character's arc in the show, show creator Star revealed that it wasn't until Ashley Park was cast they decided to go that route! "I selfishly wanted to hear Ashley sing," he explained, sharing that he'd seen Park perform on Broadway. Thankfully, the actress was game!