Deux is better than un. After topping Nielsen's most-streamed series list for several weeks and being among the most-hyped shows of the year, Emily in Paris has been green-lit for a second season on Netflix.

The show, starring Lily Collins and created by Darren Star—who's behind hits like Sex and the City and Younger—will be back for more after premiering season 1 in early October. The news was shared in a video with the cast and a letter informing that "Emily" (Collins) will be staying in the City of Light for an extended time.

Emily in Paris: Netflix and the cast confirm season 2

With a whole campaign around it, Netflix celebrated the renewal of Emily in Paris season 2.

Through the video shard on social media, Netflix revealed the continuation of the series that become a streaming phenomenon. "Deux is always better than un," it reads at the end of the cast-led video.

Along with the announcement, Netflix shared a letter between inexperienced marketer "Emily" and her boss, saying that she will stay in Paris for an "extended period of time."

Emily in Paris: Fans loved the 2020 Netflix show

Despite little promotion ahead of its premiere, Emily in Paris still went on to become one of Netflix's biggest hits of the year.

Emily in Paris renewed for season 2 on Netflix!

In the series, the famous daughter of Phil Collins plays "Emily," an American girl who tries to adapt to a busy French lifestyle after moving to Paris to work at a marketing company. Under the shelter of the City of Light, "Emily" begins a new life full of career challenges, new friendships, and even romantic suitors.

Emily in Paris seasoon 2 could start filming in mid-2021, depending on the production conditions amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

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