Eric Dane has shared what it was like to come back to Grey's Anatomy years later! The actor recently talked to The Hollywood Reporter about returning to play "Mark Sloan" again in the latest episode of the hit medical drama, which also saw Chyler Leigh's "Lexie Grey" make an appearance.

Dane talks about what it was like returning to the show

Dane shared that while he was in Shanghai, Grey's Anatomy showrunner Krista Vernoff texted him to ask if he would be interested in returning. After learning of "Meredith" battling COVID-19, he was on board when he found out they wanted to bring "Mark" and "Lexie" back to see her! "And I said, 'Well, that kind of makes sense. Yeah, sure, let's do it,'" Dane shared.

The actor said that when it came time to step back into his character, he felt like he hadn't left the show. "It's a role that always fit for me, like one of those great old T-shirts," he said of playing "Mark". "And it was just like putting the T-shirt back on and hanging out on a beach for a couple days, and catching up with some old friends."

Eric Dane as "Mark Sloan" in Grey's Anatomy

Dane shares scenes with Leigh were done via green screen

Dane also revealed that while "Mark" and "Lexie" reunited on the beach, he and Leigh weren't able to film their scenes together! "Chyler was in Vancouver. So we had to work some magic," Dane explained, sharing that there was "a lot of green screen" involved. He said that Leigh wouldn't have been able to travel back to work on Supergirl, which she is currently filming.

But while Dane may not have been able to reunite with Leigh in person, his scenes with Pompeo's "Meredith" were all real! "There was a lot of me and Ellen," he told The Hollywood Reporter. And when the emotional episode that saw him return to Grey's Anatomy aired on Thursday, he shared a sweet photo the two took on set!

"It was so great to be back with my people," Dane wrote on Instagram, alongside a selfie of him and Pompeo smiling on the beach. "Felt like I’d never left..." Pompeo then replied to his post with a sweet comment of her own! "Such a fun day!" she wrote. "Love you a lot Eric Dane".