Euphoria's Halloween episode turned into the theme 'Boophoria', where each respective character had their unique costume to show off. In the Halloween episode, titled "The Next Episode", a lot of drama ensues with heartbreaking issues among the characters "Rue", "Jules", "McKay", "Nate" and "Cassie".

Euphoria: The Stars' Iconic Halloween Costumes 

In episode 6 of Euphoria, the teens celebrate Halloween at a massive party, of course, where nefarious events take place. However, many of the costumes had us wondering, what or who exactly are these characters portraying?

1.) "Rue" (Zendaya) 

It is believed that "Rue" is actually embodying the iconic Marlene Dietrich in the 1930 film Morocco. In the film, Marlene is known for dressing up in a white and black tuxedo and later on kisses another woman. She was known for pushing the boundaries of idealized notions of gender, which was considered especially controversial during that time. Check out this clip of "Rue" in her tux with her friend "Jules"...

2.) "Kat" (Barbie Ferreira)

Barbie Ferreira wrote in her personal Instagram that she's "Ms. 45" aka "Thana". Her character "Kat" also explains her costume in the episode, stating that the 1981 fictional character is based on a woman ("Thana") who gets attacked twice in one day and ultimately seeks revenge in many ways. The movie is concluded with "Thana" attending a Halloween party and shooting the party go-ers in attendance... all while dressed as a nun. Certainly not your average nun...

3.) "Nate" (Jacob Elordi)

"Nate" is certainly one of the bad boys of the series, as he's the abuser in his own relationship with "Maddy". So it was only fitting that he dressed up as a prisoner, especially since he's involved with the police in this particular episode for his violent tendencies. 

5.) "Jules" (Hunter Schafer)

As "Rues's" BFF, "Jules" dressed up in a very angelic way. Not only was she just an angel, but she was actually portraying "Juliet" of Baz Luhrmann's film Romeo and Juliet (1996). Considering "Jules'" A+ makeup skills in Euphoria, she looked incredibly heavenly, and really only needs her "Romeo" now.

6.) "Cassie" (Sydney Sweeney)

"Cassie's" costume had MANY of us wondering who she could possibly be portraying in a lacy blue bra and cow-print mini skirt. Turns out she dressed up as Patricia Arquette's character "Alabama Worley" in Quentin Tarantino's movie True Romance. As in every Tarantino movie, there's some intense storyline, which includes "Alabama" as a sex worker and nerdy man who actually falls in love with her. 

7.) "Lexi" (Maude Apatow)

"Lexi" took an entirely different route from her high school friends and classmates' somewhat controversial costumes. She instead dressed as famed painter Bob Ross. "Lexi" even had to explain to people that she's "the painter...from PBS." This behind-the-scenes image of "Lexi/Ross" meeting Drake, who's one of the executive producers of the series, is pure gold. 

And for a final wrap-up shot of these iconic Halloween costumes, take a look at this killer group pic...

We can't wait for season 2 of Euphoria, particularly to see round 2 of their eye-catching Halloween costumes! 

Helen Mirren on the red carpet at the AFI Fest in 2017.


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