A new season of The Bachelorette is upon us and the one week countdown until the premiere is officially on. Hannah Brown has been named the Bachelorette this season and we think that she will have no problem setting some of the men straight and speaking her truth. She has said that she wants to find fierce love, and fierce she will be. 

Hannah Brown is from Alabama (her Instagram name is @alabamahannah) and she is 24 years old. She was known on Colton Underwood's season of The Bachelor for holding the beauty pageant title of Miss Alabama USA. Along with her title, she is a model, television personality and now the most recent Bachelorette. 

What to expect this season

Drama will begin early on this season (as per usual) as Hannah must confront one of her suitors concerning a rumour that he still has a girlfriend. Nearly every season, we can expect contestants to carry baggage with them so this just happens to be the first hurdle in her journey to find love. 

Hannah Takes Charge

It will be interesting to see how Miss Alabama handles being in charge. So far, she was used to fighting for attention and receiving roses and now she will be the one giving out the roses and having all of the power. We can expect that Hannah will be relatively sure of what she wants and jump in with both feet always. 

If you haven't caught the trailers for the upcoming season, you can watch them here. Stay tuned for weekly updates on the show as we start Hannah B.'s journey to find love next Monday!