It was indeed very exciting to see John Travolta and Nicolas Cage together on screen! Back in 1997 the action-thriller Face/Off was premiered, the story of two arch enemies -FBI agent "Sean" (Travolta) and terrorist "Castor" (Cage)- who exchange each other's identities... and faces! Good news now is that a reboot is officially in the works and Paramount will bring back the classic!

John Travolta and Nicolas Cage in the 1997 film Face/Off

What else do we know about the upcoming Face/Off reboot?

Oren Uziel, also known for his work in 22 Jump Streetis set to pen the script, while Neal Moritz who previously worked in Fast and Furiouswill be the one producing the upcoming remake. Details about the release date, casting and directing are still a mystery, but we are sure that Paramount will reveal some information soon and we will definitely keep you posted!