The Hawaii Five-0 theme song is still, to this day, one of the most popular theme songs, as it was used for the original series and the reboot! Listening to it, we're either reminded of Jack Lord or Alex O'Loughlin. 

Facts About The Hawaii Five-0 Theme Song

The instantaneous pan of Honolulu and Hawaii's famous waves started off with a quick drum beat are all part of Hawaii's beginning theme. Here are some facts about the series' beloved song: 

1.) The song was used for the original series and the reboot.


The theme song was, of course, used in the 1968 version of the hit procedural series, and then eventually for the 2010 reboot. However, initially, the reboot used a synthesizer and guitar-based version of the theme, yet it was so disliked among viewers, that the original version was used in shorter form. 

2.) The song is composed by Morton Stevens.

Morton Stevens is a famed composer, having won two Emmy Awards in 1970 and 1974 for Hawaii Five-O's theme. Even before his fame with Hawaii, he had previously worked alongside the great Sammy Davis Jr. 

3.) Speaking of Sammy Davis Jr., he had created his own version of the hit song!

Sammy Davis Jr. circa 1955

The song is titled, "You Can Count on Me (Theme from Hawaii Five-O)", and Sammy sings along with the tune and beat of the original song. 

4.) The American rock band The Ventures also have their own version.

The Ventures even created their own album, Hawaii Five-O, which was released in 1969! The album did quite well - it peaked at number 4 on the Billboard Hot 100 Charts and peaked in Canada at number 5 in RPM magazine. 

5.) The theme song has been rated one of the most well-liked and popular songs by the masses. 

Jack Lord as "Steve McGarrett" in Hawaii Five-0

Out of the MANY theme songs we hear today, Hawaii Five-0's song is statistically relevant. Not only was it ranked #1 out of 50 songs by the Saturday Evening Post, it even ranked #2 by Rolling Stone magazine for a reader's poll! 

Good luck not humming this song for the rest of your day! 

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