Each and every Friends character had their special and hilarious moments. And of course "Ross Geller" is no exception, because David Schwimmer's character had us laughing in pretty much every episode.  

Whether it be for having good intentions, wanting to impress, or simply not thinking things through very well, "Ross" ended up being at the centre of many comedic moments on Friends

Friends: "Ross" - All the times he made us laugh on the show

We're here to relive the times when "Ross" was the funniest Friend and had viewers splitting their sides. Here are the best "Ross" episodes and moments.

David Schwimmer starred in the series, Friends

"Ross" playing the bagpipes 

When "Ross" tells "Chandler" and "Monica" that he has the perfect gift for their wedding, a classic Friends gag ensues. When he breaks out the bagpipes, "Phoebe" joins in and tries to complement the sound with her "melodious" voice — which forced actress Jennifer Aniston to hold in her laughter, for real!

When "Ross" got a tan

When "Ross" tries to get a serious tan, everything ends badly. He ends up much more tanned than he wanted, and tries to solve the problem by matching things up.

But as "Ross" discovers, trying to make it better only made everything far worse.

"Holiday Armadillo"

When his son joins him for the holidays, "Ross" decides to rent a Santa Claus suit to surprise him. However, the plan changes course after "Ross" can't get the suit. Inexplicably—but hilariously—he rents an armadillo costume instead, under the pretext of being an assistant to Santa Claus. After he performs as "The Holiday Armadillo" with his son, "Chandler" makes an appearance as Santa Claus to make matters worse.

"Ross" dressed as 'The Holiday Armadillo', in 'Friends'.

Leather pants 

"Ross" also suffers from a delicate situation as a result of some leather pants, whose discomfort causes him to seek a solution in the washroom. The twist is that he's in the middle of a date. He tries to fix things using powder and cream, to no avail, and he ends up leaving the bathroom in a very awkward state.

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Teeth whitening

"Ross" decides to whiten his teeth before going on a date with a colleague of "Monica's," and the only downside to all this is that his smile ends up glowing in the dark after the treatment. Without a doubt, one of the funniest Friends moments.

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