Lovely Kate Garraway has a very kind and caring fan base who grew quite worried when she was not seen in her spot on Good Morning Britain for a few days. Now she is back and explaining why she took a few days off from hosting her favorite show to put fans and viewers at ease.

Kate Garraway Takes Short Sudden Break From Good Morning Britain

Good Morning Britain fans grew concerned when Kate Garraway was not seen in her hosting spot for two consecutive days. Luckily the sweet and lovable Kate was back to hosting by Wednesday morning much to her temporary co-host Adil Ray's relief. Adil told her "Welcome back! Nice couple of days off?" to which Kate replied "I did a flip-flop with Charlotte, didn't I? Mix things up a little bit! It was Derek's birthday on Saturday as well, which was obviously a challenging one under the circumstances." Kate explained she took off a few days to make sure the kids were able to celebrate with a bit of joy. 

Kate's husband Derek Draper has been in an induced coma since he was admitted to the hospital due to COVID-19 back in April and she and her children have been FaceTiming him regularly. The nurses even play Good Morning Britain for him every morning. Kate detailed "We managed to FaceTime him and sing 'Happy Birthday', and we had a cake which we had on FaceTime." Kind Adil said "That must be quite difficult for the kids," to which she agreed "It's very challenging. They're doing brilliantly with it though and we did it with Derek's family as well, we managed to technically hook up, and sing 'Happy Birthday' and just hope the love seeps through really."

Derek Draper and Kate Garraway attend Piers Morgan's Christmas Party London in 2019.

Kate Garraway and Her Good Morning Britain Family

Thoughtful Kate even made sure to thank Charlotte Hawkins for taking over for her Monday and Tuesday saying "In fact, thanks to Charlotte for swapping with me. But Charlotte bought me a rose bush... She bought the rose bush, and it's named 'The Rose of Hope', and it actually came into flower on Saturday." 

Kate has been very grateful to fans for their endless love and support through her family's tough time and mentioned she is still trying to stay positive for the viewers. "I feel conscious of... I know everybody's been so lovely, and it's terrible isn't it that there's so many people out there with people who are sick. It was a worrying week last week. He's still got lots of challenges. Challenges with his food, challenges with his lungs, everything. And we just want him to wake up. But you don't want to talk about it on Good Morning Britain all the time, because then it's not cheering up everybody that's trying to cope with COVID-19."

We have our fingers crossed for Kate Garraway and her family in these tough times and we look forward to seeing her bright face every morning.