Grey's Anatomy has spent a lot of time on Ellen Pompeo's character "Meredith's" storyline this season, which is understandable since the lead doctor has been deep in the throes of her battle with coronavirus. However, this week the show shifted its focus to another character, Chandra Wilson's surgeon "Dr. Miranda Bailey"— dealing with what happens when COVID-19 hits her a little too close to home.

"Bailey's" mother becomes latest coronavirus victim

In the latest episode of the ABC medical drama, titled "Fight The Power," "Bailey" finds herself worried when her mother's life is on the line after a coronavirus outbreak at her care home. "Bailey's" mom becomes admitted to Grey Sloan Memorial, and her daughter goes to see her in the ICU. In a heartwarming moment, "Bailey" starts singing The Temptations' "My Girl," her mother joining her in song as the heart rate monitor beeps.

However, the reality is that the virus has taken a significant toll on "Bailey's" mom, whose systems are beginning to slowly shut down despite the fact she had no pre-existing health conditions. "Bailey" then grapples with the fact she has to phone her dad to let him know that his wife likely won't make it through the night.

"Bailey" breaks down as she processes losing her mom

"Bailey" also goes to check in on an unconscious "Meredith," telling her a childhood anecdote about how she processed her feelings when she was younger by taking them out on a tree. The surgeon also reveals to "Meredith" that her mother has Alzheimer’s, which is something she struggles to cope with.

Shortly afterwards, "Bailey" gets her father "William" on a video call with her mother, so he can still see her at the hospital despite being unable to physically be there himself. "Bailey" tells her mother that if she’s ready to pass it’s okay, because she doesn’t want to see her suffer. However, she struggles with the fact that her mother may have had a lucid moment while being on her death bed, since she said she wasn’t ready to go.

"Bailey" then goes outside and has an emotional heart-to-heart with fellow doctor "Maggie," who tries to help her accept that her mother has had a great life. "Maggie" also tells "Bailey" that there’s no need for her to feel guilty about what’s happened, reassuring her that she’s doing the best she can. The two end up bonding over past school struggles, smiling and laughing as they commiserate with one another.

With just a few minutes remaining, "Bailey" realizes that she’s about to lose her mother, singing to her once more as they share a final moment together. This is followed by a powerful voiceover from "Bailey" where she talks about the fact that people aren’t statistics, humanizing those who have died because of COVID-19.

"Elena Rose Bailey, 84," we hear "Bailey" finally say, closing out the episode as she adds her own mother's name to the tragic list of victims. The credits then show name after name on-screen, paying tribute to countless people who have died as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.