Grey's Anatomy fans are getting to see one of their biggest wishes for the new season come true! In the new promo for next week's episode, the hit medical drama reveals that it's none other than Chyler Leigh's "Lexie Grey" who is the next character returning to visit "Meredith" on the beach!

Grey's Anatomy brings "Lexie" back after her tragic death

Grey's Anatomy killed off "Meredith's" half-sister "Lexie" in the season 8 finale, as she tragically died in a plane crash. Since she was a fan favourite character, her unexpected death came as a devastating blow to viewers. Now, 9 seasons later, the show has surprised— and delighted— fans by bringing "Lexie" back for a special episode!  

While "Meredith" battles coronavirus this season, several characters have joined her on the beach she's been hallucinating. Patrick Dempsey's "Derek Shepherd" first came back in the season 17 premiere, and T.R. Knight's "George O'Malley" returned later on. She also had emotional scenes with Giacomo Gianniotti's "Andrew DeLuca" as he came to the end of his life

Ellen Pompeo as "Meredith Grey" and Chyler Leigh as "Lexie Grey" in season 4 of Grey's Anatomy

Grey's Anatomy teaser sees "Lexie" reunite with "Meredith"

Grey's Anatomy manages to get fans emotional about "Lexie" with its latest promo before even revealing her return! That's because the 30-second teaser features Leigh's cover of Anna Nalick's song "Breathe (2 AM)," which she performed as "Lexie" in the show's musical episode, "Song Beneath the Song".

It then shows "Meredith" on the beach, as a hand reaches out to give her a towel. She looks over, and is stunned to realize that it's "Lexie" who's now there with her! The two half-sisters are then shown sitting on the beach together. "I like it here," Meredith says. "Are you gonna stay?" "Lexie" then asks her.

While "Lexie" is the latest character to join "Meredith" on the beach, it's also been announced that another fan favourite is making a return to the show! Earlier this month, it was revealed that Sarah Drew's "April Kepner" is set to make an appearance on Grey's Anatomy later this season. Since "April" is currently alive though, it's unknown at this time whether she'll be paying "Meredith" a visit too!