Grey's Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo is unsure whether or not to say goodbye to "Meredith" at the end of her contract which is up at the end of season 16. In an interview on ABC's drama set earlier in January, Ellen Pompeo may be leaning towards staying on for a little while longer. According to TVline, the actress stated "I keep saying, 'I'm ready to move on and I want to stop the show before the ratings go down,' but the ratings never go down!" 

Sandra Oh and Ellen Pompeo in Grey's Anatomy

Adding to her appeal to stay with the show is the fact that she has three children and feels like she doesn't want to start other projects that will make her travel a lot away from her family. She also knows that there are many of people from cast members to crew members that have steady and reliable full-time jobs that give them work ten months out of the year. Pompeo knows that if she leaves the show, it will most likely be over. 

Ellen Pompeo received a $20 million two year contract and she says that "the network and studio continue to incentivize me and just make me offers that I can't refuse," according to Mail Online. We think that the offers combined with the stability would make it a very good decision for Ellen to stay on as "Meredith" for a while longer. We will just have to wait until after season 16 to find out. But first, back to season 15 tonight...