Originally, "Dr. Michelle Lin" was envisioned only as a Grey's Anatomy guest star.

But fans of actress Lynn Chen, 44, now have a lot to look forward to: "Dr. Lin" is becoming a main character on the series. Here's what to know about the likeable actress.

"Dr. Michelle Lin" has high expectations on Grey's Anatomy

"Dr. Lin" appeared in the current Grey's Anatomy season for the first time as the new head of plastic surgery at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.

It quickly became clear that she has high expectations for the staff. In fact, "Dr. Lin" almost rejected the job offer because the hospital interns weren't meeting her standards.

However, training director "Richard Webber" promised "Dr. Lin" he'd get the young doctors up to speed. In the end, she agrees to take on the lead role with the hospital.

"Dr. Lin" actress Lynn Chen: TV shows, movies, husband

Lynn Chen is an American actress and musician. She made her acting debut in 2001, when she starred in an episode in the series Law & Order.

In 2004, she appeared in the classic queer film Saving Face as "Vivian Shing," the lesbian lover of a doctor. She also had a recurring role on the soap opera All My Children.

Actress Lynn Chen in Saving Face.

The actress has been married to film producer and editor Abe Forman-Greenwald since 2003, and she also runs a successful food blog called The Actor's Diet.

Up next, Chen is bringing her talents to the cast of Grey's Anatomy. In season 18, former cast members like Scott Speedman and Kate Walsh returned, and Hollywood star Peter Gallagher also joined the cast along with Chen.