Grey's Anatomy hasn't shied away from incorporating current topical issues into this season's storylines, from the ongoing coronavirus pandemic to the Black Lives Matter movement. And with the season 17 finale, the medical drama continues its timely messaging as it shows that life moves on— even amidst the uncertainty.

Grey's Anatomy sees "Meredith" back on her feet at work

Grey's Anatomy fans may have worried when "Meredith" appeared on the beach at the beginning of the episode, since that was the scene of her coronavirus-induced hallucinations. This time though, we realize that the beach is real, with "Meredith" reflecting on what she learned about life post-COVID 8 months later.

After jumping back in time to August 2020, "Meredith" is seen walking down the hospital hallway with "Bailey" and "Webber," who explain her new role as Residency director. "Webber" tells "Meredith" that she's the only one he wanted for the job, and she expresses her eagerness to get back to work. She even mentions that she has her own office now!

In a full circle turn of events, "Meredith's" main storyline for the episode sees her determined to help a young nurse with coronavirus make a recovery. As the months go on, she is adamant that they aren't going to chance her survival, insisting that a double lung transplant is the only procedure. Fortunately, "Meredith's" intuition ends up being correct, and the risky operation is a success.

Grey's Anatomy gives "Jo" the happiness she fought for

Grey's Anatomy recently saw "Jo" transition into her new role as an OBGYN, falling in love with baby "Luna". While last week's episode saw her reveal that her application to adopt "Luna" was declined because she didn't pass the background check, the season finale sees her on a mission to bring the little girl home!

"Jo" devises a detailed plan, suggesting that "Link" take care of the legal paperwork since he can easily pass the background check. Then, "Luna's" care would eventually be transferred over to her. Her idea ends up panning out, as "Link" lets her know a couple months later that he was approved!

Later on, "Jo" tells "Bailey" that she sold her share of the hospital to "Koracick"— much to "Bailey's" chagrin. And in the present, "Jo" is seen on a videocall with "Jackson," who welcomes her home. We then see a crib, and realize that she has "Luna" there with her!

Grey's Anatomy season finale includes wedding and proposals

Grey's Anatomy's season finale also had some (mostly) happy surprises in store for its couples! "Maggie" and "Winston" are prepared to get married in a casual ceremony while "Webber" officiates. However, "Winston’s" mother and "Maggie’s" father object to the ceremony, much to the surprise of the bride-and-groom-to-be.

The parents explain that they should save money to have a proper church wedding, and be able to invite more guests. While the couple tries to convince them otherwise, their wedding ends up being postponed. However, "Maggie" and "Winston" get the opportunity to say "I do" before the episode is over, tying the knot with a beautiful beach wedding!

A few other characters also attempted to take their relationship to the next level. When "Owen" proposes to "Teddy" on Christmas, getting down on one knee amidst a backdrop of manufactured snow, she says yes. However, "Link" doesn't get such an enthusiastic response when he proposes to "Amelia"  on the beach— even despite offering her a choice of ring— as she leaves him hanging.