Grey's Anatomy has heavily focused on the coronavirus pandemic this season, even showing one of the show's most beloved characters in a prolonged battle with the illness. In season 17, episode 13— titled "Good As Hell"— "Meredith's" recovery becomes a primary concern, as the doctors are desperate for something to give them hope in these trying times.

Grey's Anatomy gives "Jo" an exciting new opportunity

Grey's Anatomy brought some welcome news for one of the doctors at Grey Sloan Memorial this week, as "Jo" takes the first steps towards beginning a new role! When she tells "Bailey" that she wants to leave her position as a surgeon and switch to OBGYN— something she's recently expressed the desire to do— she gets an answer she isn't exactly happy about. 

"Bailey" gives her a hard no, explaining that the hospital desperately needs surgeons right now. Later on though, "Bailey" tells "Jo" that she has gone back on her decision. She explains that she doesn't want her to remain in a job that is no longer fulfilling, telling her to love her new role "with every part of you." 

Grey's Anatomy finds doctors overwhelmed by COVID-19

Grey's Anatomy also saw some of its most resilient doctors break down while dealing with the harsh reality of the pandemic. "Owen" finds himself having to make a tough call after a formerly healthy kindergarten teacher in her late thirties goes into cardiac arrest. Meanwhile, "Teddy" nervously takes up the task of operating on "Meredith" alongside another surgeon.

"Owen" talks to "Teddy" about her decision to operate on "Meredith," reassuring her that there's "no one better to do it." He also tells her about having to call the kindergarten teacher's family earlier, opening up to her about how it made him feel. 

After the surgery, "Teddy" worries that she did something wrong since "Meredith" still hasn't woken up. "Owen" attempts to reassure her, telling her to concentrate on his hand while she's hyperventilating. While "Teddy" attempts to kiss him, she ends up sobbing, as "Owen" pulls her close.

"Meredith" grows weary as her health weakens

"Meredith" hasn't been able to stay awake for more than a couple minutes at a time, which concerns "Teddy" and "Webber". Thinking this could possibly be a side effect of her medication, they order CT scans to be done. They discover that not only is she potentially at risk of kidney failure— there is also a clot in her liver, which has caused pneumonia.

Throughout the episode, "Meredith" is shown sitting on the beach with "Derek," growing more and more exhausted. However, "Derek" doesn't want her to give in. "Dying is exhausting," he tells "Meredith," mentioning that there are still people who need her. And while her body may be tired, he can tell that her soul is "still fighting."

"Meredith" talks about a picture of the two of them getting married that her kid drew, and suddenly, they're both in wedding outfits. "Meredith" is in a beautiful white dress, while "Derek" finds himself in a white suit. It is then that "Meredith" says she doesn't want to leave her kids behind.

"Meredith" gets an unexpected wakeup call

"Meredith's" daughter "Zola" ends up coming to the hospital, at the suggestion of "Winston". Outfitted in the smallest set of PPE the hospital has, "Zola" removes her mask and talks to her mom, even hugging her. All the doctors say they need "Meredith" to live and get better, especially because of how overwhelming things are.

Back on the beach, "Derek" tells "Meredith" that it isn't time for her to go yet. While she enjoys that there isn't any pain on the beach, and she just wants to rest, "Derek" insists that she has to go back. Finally, "Meredith" wakes up as she responds to "Zola," sharing an emotional moment with her daughter! They tell each other "I love you," as all the doctors watch on.

While the beach has allowed many fan favourite characters to return over the course of the season, here's hoping this is the last time we'll see "Meredith" there! And even though the next episode isn't for two weeks, the promo suggests fans can expect another major reunion, as "Jackson" goes to see "April"!