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'Grey's Anatomy': Nobody Expected THIS Comeback To Start The New Season

Grey's Anatomy: Nobody Expected THIS Comeback To Start Season 18

What a surprise: Grey's Anatomy fans can look forward to seeing a lot of "Nick Marsh" in season 18. Actor Scott Speedman, who was previously seen only as a guest star, is now becoming a regular part of the cast.

Grey's Anatomy fans can look forward to two pieces of good news: Scott Speedman is back as "Nick Marsh" in season 18. But that's not all.

"Nick," who previously had just one guest appearance, will now have a full-time role on the popular show.

Grey's Anatomy season 18: "Nick Marsh" surprise return

As the transplant surgeon "Nick," Speedman played a very important role in a Grey's Anatomy season 14 episode. He and "Meredith" (Ellen Pompeo) really hit things off, but it didn't end up working out.

Fans were so hoping for an exciting love story between "Nick" and "Meredith," and they demanded he join the series in season 15. Now, three seasons later, that wish has been granted.

"Nick" was back in the season 18 premiere last night, where he caught up with "Meredith" after a few years apart.

By the way, Scott Speedman is not the only one who will be seen more often in the new season. Hollywood star Peter Gallagher is also joining the Grey's Anatomy cast. Episode 2 airs next Thursday, Oct. 7.