Emotions ran high this episode!

'Grey's Anatomy' Tests Doctors' Resilience And Explores Love

'Grey's Anatomy' Tests Doctors' Resilience And Explores Love

This week's episode of Grey's Anatomy featured several emotional plot lines that centered on some key themes! "Maggie" and "Winston" talked about their feelings, and so did "Schmidt" and "Nico." At the same time, "Amelia" and "Jo" both struggled with emotional attachments to their patients. See what happened here!

Grey’s Anatomy continued to focus on the coronavirus pandemic and its effects this week, while also dealing with several relationship developments! In season 17, episode 16— titled "I’m Still Standing," many of the doctors at Grey Sloan Memorial found themselves being emotionally tested in their personal or professional lives.

The episode takes place over the course of six weeks, as announced by sliding titles that state each time jump. It begins with "Amelia" and "Meredith" in the kitchen together, as she tells "Meredith" to stay hydrated and eat. Elsewhere, "Schmidt" gets a text about being accepted into a COVID-19 vaccine trial, and "Maggie" and "Winston" discuss plans for their wedding.

Grey's Anatomy sees two of its couples get more serious 

"Schmidt" is shown rolling up his sleeve to get the COVID vaccine as doctors applaud him. Afterwards, he has a conversation with "Nico" about their relationship, where his partner tells him he doesn’t want to see other people. Despite the fact that "Schmidt" shares some flirtatious moments with "Mason"— the doctor who administered his shot and later asks him out— his true feelings end up becoming clear.

"Schmidt" shows up at "Nico’s" apartment, and tells him that he loves him. "Nico" explains that he always loved "Levi" too, but can only now say it back since he's changed as a person. He says he wants to take care of him. "Nico" says he’s been hoping "Schmidt" would come over, admitting the grand gesture of lighting candles is something he would do. Then, the two share a passionate kiss.

The other main couple the episode spends time with is "Maggie" and "Winston," who are discussing wedding planning amidst the ongoing pandemic. "Winston" mentions that coronavirus is pretty much gone in New Zealand, suggesting it as a possible location. However, it seems that every time he suggests something, "Maggie" comes up with a reason why it won't work.

"Winston" worries that "Maggie" doesn't want to get married, but as it turns out, there is a deeper explanation for her reaction. She admits to him that she kept finding flaws in their wedding plans because her mom is no longer here. Despite that, however, she tells him that she doesn’t want to wait and have a small intimate wedding with family— which is when their parents suddenly arrive!

Grey's Anatomy deals with complicated patient bonds

Grey's Anatomy didn't just focus on romantic love this week, as there were also several storylines that centered on familial love. "Amelia" is desperately trying to help her patient— a teenager named "Skyler," who has been admitted to the hospital with intracranial bleeding. She keeps the girl's father informed of her condition, frustrated that there seems to be no change.

However, while "Amelia" is on the phone with "Link" while he plays guitar, she notices "Skyler's" brain scan light up due to the auditory input. This inspires "Amelia" to find a way of communicating through neurological pathways. After successfully conducting trials of a simple "yes" or "no" answer game she's devised, "Amelia" has "Skyler’s" dad come in and talk to her.

Meanwhile, "Jo" is in the OGBYN and told to run tests on baby "Luna" by her supervisor. She talks to "Link" about wanting to give "Luna" the care she deserves and saying she adores her, and "Link" gives her reassurance. Shortly afterwards, "Luna" has a near-death experience after going into cardiac arrest. It is then that "Jo" says she wants to be "Luna's" mom.

However, several factors end up complicating this decision. "Luna" has had trouble extubating, and her condition is declining. "Jo" also reveals that she was denied the adoption application, as she didn’t pass the background check. When she returns home that day, "Jo" has a breakdown, ignoring "Helm's" attempt to talk to her.

Grey's Anatomy prepares "Meredith" to step into a new role

"Meredith" receives visits from "Bailey" throughout the episode. During one of the weeks, she is reading up on the potential lifelong side effects that could result from her coronavirus recovery. When "Bailey" encourages her to get up and take a walk, "Meredith" says she can't, explaining that even simple tasks like picking up her kids can be exhausting. “What I want is my life back,” she tells her.

Later on in the episode, "Bailey" visits "Meredith" again, who says that "Jackson" and "Koracick" had the right idea with wanting to learn. "Bailey" then makes "Meredith" an incredible offer, telling her she wants her to take over the residency program in the future. This would allow her to design the curriculum, "Bailey" explains, challenging what society's idea of "normal" currently looks like. "Meredith" accepts her offer, setting up an exciting future career path for herself!