Filming of Grey's Anatomy season 17 has been underway since September — and the premiere is just a few weeks away, airing on the night of Nov. 12.

In the new season, there will be a leap in the timeline, and fans have grown to expect big changes. It was previously revealed that COVID-19 will play a decisive role in the season 17 plot. So the Grey Sloan Memorial team will be tackling the virus head-on.

Grey's Anatomy season 17: Watch the new trailer

ET just released a new teaser, announcing the season premiere as a three-hour crossover event with Grey's Anatomy and spin-off Station 19. In the trailer, "Meredith," "Jackson," "Dr. Bailey" and co. battle to keep alive COVID-infected patients — all wearing protective suits and masks.

The horror and fear can be seen in the characters: "You need to not give up," says "Meredith" in the trailer. The voice-over adds that viewers are in for a "shocking, jaw-dropping ending." Could a popular star be infected by the virus — or, worse yet, is Grey's preparing fans for a character death? Watch for yourself below.

Grey's Anatomy season 17 release date: November 12 on ABC

In the U.S., Grey's Anatomy premieres season 17 on ABC, Nov. 12. Worldwide viewers should expect a later date to follow. For more on the new season, see how the time jump will come into play and how the show prepared to cover COVID-19 storylines.

The cast of 'Grey's Anatomy'

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