Few series have a more devoted fanbase than Grey's Anatomy. Since 2005, the series has kept fans watching with drama at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. Season 17 is airing now, but the end could be in sight after all these years. Will the show have an 18th season?

Grey's Anatomy: Camilla Luddington on season 17 finale

With just five episodes left this season, Grey's hasn't been renewed for season 18. And it turns out even the cast doesn't know the plan just yet. "Jo Wilson" actress Camilla Luddington recently told StyleCaster: "It's not usually this secretive, but this whole season has been very secretive. Usually we have some idea of our finale, but none of us know. It's a big secret."

However, if season 18 happens, Luddington already knows what she'd like to see on-screen: "I think it would be great for us to be at Jo's bar next season and show what life looks like after COVID," she said. This season, the coronavirus has been at the centre of the medical drama.

Grey's Anatomy has big season 17 finale planned

The actors may not be in on all the details, but Grey's Anatomy showrunner Krista Vernoff previously told THR that she's preparing a final episode that could continue into another season or that could be the series finale. So, with the series still not renewed, many questions remain unanswered as the finale date nears.

"Grey's Anatomy" cast

The finale date for season 17 hasn't been announced just yet either, but Episode 13 airs tomorrow, April 22. The season will have 17 episodes and it could end in May or June. Here you can get a recap of the newest episode, which aired last week.

The cast of 'Grey's Anatomy'


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