The good news keeps on coming for fans of Hawaii Five-0.

Though the popular series remains off the air, fans will get a new crime show set in Hawaii when NCIS: Hawaii premieres this month. Not only that, but a main star from Hawaii Five-0 was just announced as the lead of an upcoming series: it's Scott Caan.

Hawaii Five-0 actor Scott Caan's new TV show news

Caan, 45, just finished his role as "Danno" on Hawaii Five-0 in 2020. But he's now set to return to TV for a new detective show called Topangaland.

Per Deadline, the new series is "in development" at CBS, and Caan is projected as its leading man. He and the creator of the popular CBS series SEAL Team are behind the project.

Topangaland: What's Scott Caan's 2021 series all about?

Topangaland sees Caan portray a "laid-back" private detective who has a complex relationship with his "legendary" father, the boss of the detective agency.

(Could Caan's real-life dad, actor James Caan, possibly be in the running for the role of that famous father?)

Deadline writes that the detective will be "solving cases that take him from Malibu mansions to Topanga hippie communes to Venice back alleys and everywhere in between."

Hawaii Five-0 Actor Scott Caan returning to TV in new show Topangaland.

The news didn't come with an expected premiere date for Topangaland, so we'll keep you posted on Caan's new show as it remains in the works.

In any case, it'll be great to see the Hawaii Five-0 actor back on TV. Caan hasn't taken on any roles since the popular series concluded last year.

If you're still a big Hawaii Five-0 fan, you can click here to take our quiz on the series!

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