Will there be a season 11 of Hawaii Five-0? The crime reboot has been a fan favorite since its premiere in 2010 and sadly ended in 2020 after 10 seasons. Many have speculated whether there could be more episodes, seeing that the ratings for the hit show were doing exceedingly well...

Hawaii Five-0: Will There Be A Season 11?

Even during its final seasons, Hawaii Five-0 would garner over seven million viewers per episode. Though it was a slight drop from when it had first aired in 2010, it was still watched by the masses on CBS. 

Yet, season 10 was also ending the two contracts of the biggest stars of the series: Alex O'Loughlin's ("Lieutenant Commander Steve McGarrett") and Scott Caan's ("Detective Sergeant Danno Williams").

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Thus, with the end of the contracts, Alex and Scott had free range to move onto whichever series or film would be calling their name next! And even if CBS did extend the men's contracts, it wouldn't have been 100% certain that Alex O'Loughlin would have accepted it, as he's had serious back issues that's made it harder for him to work on the series. The actor told Collider in 2016:

"I've been hurt really badly on this show. I've now got some serious back issues, which I'm going back and forth to California to deal with... I'm getting stem cell treatments in my spine so that I can pick my kids up."

Ouch! He also added how "daunting" it was working on the show to TV Line back in 2018, stating, "I think back to when I was doing most of my own stunts in the first few years – that was not a great idea. But the physical exhaustion of working with injury and working huge hours day after day, year after year...the whole show has been extremely physically daunting."

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Though he did work on the final two seasons of Hawaii Five-0, he did have his reservations about continuing filming. Yet, he persevered despite his pain, which also extended to his elbow tendons and bulging discs in his neck and back. 


"I want a quality of life, and I want to be with my family," he added to TV Line. We understand that, and why we won't be seeing another season of Hawaii Five-0 on our screens anytime soon! 

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