Henry Cavill has been "Superman" and is even a rumoured candidate to be the next "James Bond." But it turns out the 38-year-old hopes to one day act in one movie above any other.

Henry Cavill's dream movie role... is not "James Bond"

The English star revealed his "true dream job opportunity" in a new interview. He says it would be a big-screen adaptation of the game Warhammer 40,000. Cavill is a huge fan and hopes the fantasy game will one day get a "Lord of the Rings level" film series.

Henry Cavill Reveals His "Dream" Role — And It's Not "James Bond"

Cavill, who also stars in The Witcher, showed interest in playing "Valdor" or a "Primarch" character in a Warhammer film. He added he "would be ecstatic" to bring it to the screen in live action.

For Cavill's full comments on his dream movie role, please watch the video above.