Lady Gaga and Adam Driver are leading the cast of the highly-anticipated new film House of Gucci. But the famous pop singer worries that she was "super annoying" to her co-star Driver because of an acting strategy she used during the movie.

House Of Gucci: Lady Gaga thinks she annoyed Adam Driver

In the film, Gaga portrays the Italian socialite Patrizia Reggiani, so she performs an accent for the part. And it turns out she chose to keep the Italian accent even while off-camera, which she fears was quite annoying for Driver.

Lady Gaga

On the decision to keep the accent for the full six-month shoot, Gaga explained: "I thought it was harder to go in and out, so I stayed in character." 

Please watch the video above for Lady Gaga's full comments on House of Gucci — and probably annoying Adam Driver! The film comes out on Nov. 24.