Jennifer Grey is set to dance her way onto the big screen again! As Entertainment Tonight reports, Grey will be producing and starring in a new dance-related movie, and many wonder if it could have to do with Dirty Dancing!

Grey's untitled new dance movie will reportedly be set in the '90s

Grey played "Frances "Baby" Houseman" in the 1987 rom-com Dirty Dancing, which has gone on to become a classic. She starred alongside Patrick Swayze, who played "Johnny Castle". The movie was produced by Lionsgate— which also happens to be the studio producing her new dance project!

Lionsgate being involved in a new film with Grey has fuelled speculation about the upcoming movie being related to Dirty DancingEntertainment Tonight says that the untitled project will take place in the '90s, with a screenplay penned by Mikki Daughtry and Tobias Iaconis. The pair are known for collaborating on writing Five Feet Apart and The Curse of La Llorona.

Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing (1987).

Jennifer Grey turned down part in Dirty Dancing remake

Grey told The Hollywood Reporter back in 2016 that while she had been asked to appear in television studio ABC's remake of Dirty Dancing, she turned down the offer. "I was flattered, because I always want to be asked, because it's nice to want to be included," she said.

"But for me, it would be sacrosanct for me to do it, because it didn't feel appropriate to me. It feels like if you're going to do your own thing, do your own thing." Grey didn't mention what the part she had been offered was.

Grey on remake of Dirty Dancing: "they've got wonderful actors"

The Dirty Dancing remake saw Abigail Breslin take on the role originated by Grey, "Baby," with Colt Prattes starring opposite her as "Johnny". "I am always interested in any iteration of something where they feel there's more to be gotten, and I would love to see what it is that they come up with," Grey shared with The Hollywood Reporter.

"I think they've got wonderful actors in it. I'm going to be watching it and I'm excited...I'm only flattered and excited for people who are excited enough to put their stamp on it and see what they make of it and how they make it their own."

Time will only tell if Grey's new movie will in fact be related to Dirty Dancing, but fans are certainly excited about the possibility of a sequel!