Jesse Spencer's time on Chicago Fire has officially come to an end, bidding his character "Captain Matthew Casey" adieu after the show's 200th episode! Wednesday saw the series send off Spencer's character "Captain Matthew Casey," and as Entertainment Tonight mentions, the star opened up shortly afterwards about why he decided to call it quits.

Spencer chose to leave Chicago Fire for his family and future

Spencer had been part of the cast of Chicago Fire since the series debuted on television in 2012, and his character's sudden exit came as a surprise to fans. He explained that while filming the show's current season, he approached showrunner Derek Haas to let him know he wanted to leave, which Spencer said "was a difficult decision because I've loved the show from the start."

From there, both parties agreed Spencer would remain with the series until at least Wednesday's milestone episode. The actor acknowledged that he had been on television for 18 consecutive years, since Chicago Fire directly followed his time as a regular on medical drama House. He also mentioned that there are "other things" he hopes to do now, as well as the fact he has "some family I need to take care of." 

Jesse Spencer and Taylor Kinney in a scene from the series 'Chicago Fire'.

Spencer also commented on the uncertain nature of episodic television, saying he feels the series has "been in borrowed time" for a while. And while the actor may no longer be appearing in Chicago Fire, Haas has suggested that "Captain Matthew Casey" will still play a role in the show via audio! "We are going to hear his voice after the 200th," he teased while talking to reporters in the call with Spencer. Whatever comes next, fans will undoubtedly be glad to know Spencer's character won't be forgotten!

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