Joe Pera Talks with You is a project from stand-up comedian Joe Pera, who plays a version of himself on the show. The series began with the 2016 specials "Joe Pera Talks You To Sleep" and "Joe Pera Helps You Find the Perfect Christmas Tree" on Adult Swim - you can watch them for free on Adult Swim's YouTube channel! These specials introduce you to Joe Pera, a thirty-something year old middle school choir teacher who lives in Michigan. In the show, Pera's character speaks and moves slowly, and he is very passionate about nature, history, and life's daily routines.

Joe Pera's Twitter bio notes: "People say I remind them of their grandfather."

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What to expect from the show

Episodes of Joe Pera Talks with You run for around ten minutes each. Each episode focuses on a particular topic, such as "Joe Pera Takes You To Breakfast," "Joe Pera Shows You How To Dance," and "Joe Pera Takes You To The Grocery Store." One episode titled "Joe Pera Reads You The Church Announcements" revolves around Pera's obsession with the song "Baba O'Riley" by The Who after he hears it for the first time. The comedic style of the show is often described as "wholesome," as Pera's narration and "grandfatherly" qualities guide viewers through his thoughts, jokes, and interactions with neighbours, friends, and students. 

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Season 2 of Joe Pera Talks with You

The charm of Joe Pera Talks with You lies in its mixture of humour, sincerity, and educational content. Sometimes humour arises from Pera's preoccupation with an obscure topic, such as in the episode "Joe Pera Talks To You About The Rat Wars of Alberta, Canada (1950-Present Day)." At other times, the show offers meaningful observations about contemporary life and relationships. Now in its second season, the show and Pera's popularity have grown. He has also appeared in-character on talkshows with Seth Meyers, Conan O'Brien, and Stephen Colbert.

See Joe Pera's recent appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Catch the remainder of Joe Pera Talks with You's second season on Adult Swim! This Friday's new episode is titled "Joe Pera Teaches You How To Do Good Fashion." You can see some episodes of the show for free on Adult Swim's YouTube channel and website.

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