Late actress Kelly Preston has a final movie coming out this year.

It's been a year since Preston tragically died on July 12, 2020, but fans can still see her in the new film Off the Rails. The British movie premiered this week, and John Travolta shared an emotional preview for his late wife's final film.

John Travolta previews late wife Kelly Preston's final movie

Off the Rails premiered in the UK on Friday, and Travolta recognized the poignant moment on social media. He shared the trailer for the movie and wrote: 

"Off the Rails is Kelly's last film - she was very proud of it and of all of the wonderful talent that she got to work with in it." You can view the trailer below.

Travolta added that the movie premiered in UK theatres on July 23, though it's unclear when it will expand for an American and worldwide release.

Kelly Preston's final movie: Off the Rails (2021)

Preston's final film — shot in 2019 — is about three women who travel across Europe in memory of a recently deceased friend. They're also joined on the bittersweet trip by the late friend's daughter.

Jenny Seagrove, Sally Phillips, and Judi Dench co-star in the comedy-drama. They were also seen wearing "Kelly" necklaces in honour of Preston at the premiere this week.

Off the Rails stars wore necklaces honouring Kelly Preston at her final film premiere.

Travolta and Preston's daughter Ella responded with three heart emojis to her dad's post about the movie. They marked the one-year anniversary of Kelly's passing earlier this month on July 12.

Just one day after the anniversary, John Travolta was also honoured with an Emmy nomination at the 2021 ceremony. Fans responded with comments saying that John's "guardian angels are shining down."

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