JoJo Siwa will be taking to the ballroom floor on Dancing with the Stars this season, and making history while she does it! As Entertainment Tonight reports, Siwa will be the first celebrity contestant on DWTS to compete alongside a professional dancer of the same sex, and she shared why getting to do this is so important to her.

Siwa shares significance of being part of DWTS same-sex pairing

Siwa talked about why dancing with a female partner on the reality competition show is so meaningful during a press event. She explained that "not only now do I get to share with the world that you're going to love who you want to love, but also you can dance with who you want to dance with." 

The former Dance Moms star came out as a member of the LGBTQ+ community earlier this year, and told the world that she has a girlfriend. She went on to mention the fact that there are "a lot of barriers" that have to be considered for the first time, such as costume choices and who will take the lead in the dances.

Jojo Siwa at the Streamys Premiere Awards

Siwa said that the show's decision is "going to give so much to people out there," including those who identify as LGBTQ+. Dancing With the Stars host Tyra Banks also spoke about why Siwa competing on the show is history in the making. "I think it's going to save lives. It's going to change lives," she said. "It's going to make a lot of noise and the noise that needs to be made."