Karamo Brown was a very different person the last time he was in Philadelphia! Brown opened up to People in a recent interview about what it was like returning to the city where his career started out, sharing how things are different for him now.

Brown shares he found himself filming in a familiar location

Brown called returning to Philadelphia again after 16 years "one of the craziest experiences" for him. That's because in the Queer Eye culture guru's own words, his past self was "a 23-year-old trainwreck." Brown had last been in the city while filming The Real World: Philadelphia, which gave him his start on reality television.

He told People that while filming season five with one of the show's "heroes"— a dog groomer named Rahanna— he had a full-circle moment. "And we did this scene in a restaurant and I walked into the restaurant and I was like, 'Why do I know this place?'" Brown said. Then, he made the connection— and it's not exactly one he's proud of.

Karamo Brown attends the 2020 Vanity Fair Oscar Party 

Brown says Philadelphia visit "felt really good" after growth

Brown went on to explain that he recognized the location because he had been inebriated there as a young adult. "We got drunk when I was in my twenties at this bar," he admitted, "and I was, unfortunately, regurgitating because I did not understand how to be responsible with drinking at 22."

Now though, Brown realizes how far he's come in terms of his own personal growth! "I was looking at myself as I was about to walk into this restaurant now and help somebody have an interpersonal relationship with their boyfriend," he said. "And I was like, 'Growth is real, y'all! Growth is real.'"

The Queer Eye star commented on the progress he's made, saying he's now "fully aware of who I am, living my passions, being honest with myself, being vulnerable, and helping." Ultimately, Brown shared that returning to Philadelphia "felt really good, because I went back as Karamo, but a grown version."