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Kelli Giddish Addresses Rumour That She's Leaving 'Law & Order: SVU'

Kelli Giddish Addresses Rumour That She's Leaving Law And Order: SVU

Actress Kelli Giddish has been with Law & Order: SVU for a decade now. As "Rollins," the star has become a fan-favourite and staple on the show. But could she possibly be leaving the popular series in the near future? Here's what Giddish had to say about that rumour in a new interview.

Are Kelli Giddish's days on Law & Order: SVU numbered?

The actress has portrayed "Amanda Rollins" since SVU season 13, and she's now one of the longest-tenured stars on the show. Rumours about cast exits come up from time to time, and one about "Rollins" was circulating last season. Is there any truth to it?

Kelli Giddish on if "Rollins" is leaving Law & Order: SVU

Who better to ask than Giddish herself? The star spoke to Smashing Interviews Magazine this week and was pressed on a "Rollins" exit rumour that spread on social media last season.

Kelli Giddish: Is "Rollins" leaving Law and Order: SVU?

Asked if she heard about it, Giddish said: "No. I didn't. But I hope not! I've got house payments (laughs). That's not an option right now. No. We're having too much fun."

So, for fans of SVU and "Rollins" (and "Rollins" and "Carisi"), it's good news: There doesn't appear to be any truth to the exit rumours.

SVU season 23 had cast exits, but not "Rollins"

In the new interview, Giddish also answered the fun question of which co-star is "the loudest and funniest," and she picked none other than SVU legend Mariska Hargitay.

"We crack each other up," she said of Hargitay. "We challenge each other, and that's something I really enjoy about our show."

Of course, SVU season 23 did already bid farewell to two main cast members, but neither Giddish's detective nor "Captain Benson" were among those exits.

SVU is now in its record-setting 23rd season and airs on NBC Thursdays. SVU Episode 500 is also expected to show this month on Oct. 21.