On Monday night, Kelsey Grammer was a guest on The Late Late Show with James Corden and during his chat, we got some exciting insight into the potential "third act of Frasier." He mentioned that they are working with a small group of writers to figure out how they should approach this "third act." 

Giving fans some more details, Grammer proceeded to say that it would be the same group of characters just in a different setting. They would also have to deal with and address the death of John Mahoney. He said, "something has changed in their lives. Certainly John Mahoney died over a year ago and we would probably deal with that a little bit with dad being gone," according to AV News

Fraiser Could Be In Chicago

The reboot could find Frasier in Chicago as that's where the series finale left him. Kelsey Grammer also hinted that Frasier has moved on from a career in radio, saying that "he might be an art dealer, he might be a professor. We don't know yet." We are excited for this different story with the same characters and cannot wait to see what they come up with! That's all for now...