Kenan Thompson has opened up about how long he wants to continue on with Saturday Night Live! In a new interview with Variety, Thompson talked about being part of the sketch comedy show's ensemble, as well as why he's decided to his own show, Kenan.

Thompson says he hopes to hit 20 seasons of SNL

Thompson shared that he does in fact have an end goal in mind for his time on on SNL, revealing how many more seasons he hopes to stay on for! "I have a certain number [of seasons] I would love to get to," the comedian said. "I think 20 is a good, round, even number that I’m close to. I feel like that is in reach."

As Entertainment Tonight mentions, Thompson has been on SNL for an impressive 18 seasons, making him the cast member who has stayed with the show the longest! But while he hopes to reach his 20-season target, he admitted that doing so isn't his main priority. "Like, 18 is fine, 19 is fine. It doesn’t really matter," he said. "What matters is, will I have time for my family?"

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Thompson shares advice from SNL producer

Thompson has also been busy with another television show, creating and starring in Kenan! The sitcom— which debuts on February 16— centers on a single dad trying to balance his personal and professional life with the help of his father-in-law. Chris Redd and Don Johnson also star in the series, and Chris Rock directed the pilot episode!

As for why Thompson has chosen to work on a new project now, he said that he's started to question his longevity on SNL. "It was starting to get close to me being at SNL for like, a long time, in everybody’s opinion," the comedian explained. He also shared the advice that SNL boss Lorne Michaels "always told me from early on: 'Don’t leave the show until you got a firm hold on that next branch.'"

Michaels was also featured in the interview, saying Thompson "may be a genius" and calling him an "essential" part of the comedy show. "He became the person everybody would like to have in their sketch," the SNL creator and executive producer told Variety. "And the audience feels always that, with him, they’re in good hands."