Killing Eve season 3 was chock-full of twists and turns. The new season featured main cast deaths, family introductions, shocking betrayals, and hints at closer ties than ever between "Villanelle" (Jodie Comer) and "Eve" (Sandra Oh).

Let's take a look at all the memorable moments, key plot points, and cliffhangers for season 4. Spoilers follow (clearly!).

Killing Eve season 3: "Villanelle" (Jodie Comer) terrorizes children

Killing Eve Season 3 Recap

Season 3 explored two main plots: 1) "Villanelle" and "Eve" separately reconsider their lives after the season 2 finale shooting incident, and 2) The investigation into the death of "Kenny" (Sean Delaney) — who died in a probable suicide, which "Eve" and "Carolyn" believe was a hit job, likely by The Twelve.

Along the way:

  • "Eve" teams up with "Kenny's" co-workers and boss to investigate
  • Emotionally-distant "Carolyn" is tested by her daughter "Geraldine"
  • "Niko" leaves for Poland, but gets stabbed by assassin "Dasha"
  • "Villanelle" meets her family, but ends up killing (at least) her mother
  • "Carolyn" learns "Konstantin" may have had a role in "Kenny's" death
  • "Konstantin" tries to flee with "Villanelle," but he suffers a heart attack
Killing Eve season 3 recap: "Eve" and "Villanelle"

All of this culminates in the finale, which sees "Villanelle" offer her services to MI6 and "Carolyn" hold "Konstantin" at gunpoint in a dramatic showdown.

Killing Eve Season 3 Finale

The finale featured an intense confrontation with "Carolyn" and "Konstantin," which also had "Eve," "Villanelle," and MI6 boss "Paul" present.

"Carolyn" grills "Konstantin" at gunpoint on his role in "Kenny's" death, which he claims happened while recruiting "Kenny" into The Twelve for his own safety. He says "Kenny" accidentally fell to his death from the rooftop, and that he was neither murdered nor committed suicide. "Carolyn" appears set to shoot him, but kills "Paul" instead, after having learned of his connections to The Twelve.

"Villanelle" chases down "Eve" afterward, where they express their mutual discontentment. They agree to permanently part ways, but both pause and lock eyes, teasing a possible union for season 4.

Killing Eve season 4?

In sum, we said goodbye to "Kenny" as well as new season 3 characters "Paul," "Dasha," and MI6 agent "Mo Jafari." Heading into season 4, professional futures remain up in the air for "Villanelle" and "Eve," as does their relationship — though it appears closer to a connection than ever before.

Season 4's biggest questions:

  1. Will "Villanelle" and "Eve" connect (in some way)?
  2. Will the death of "Kenny" be resolved?
  3. What will happen between "Carolyn" and "Konstantin"?
  4. Will "Villanelle" continue to explore her "human" side?
  5. Can The Twelve be broken or stopped?

Killing Eve has yet to begin production after season 4 was delayed amid the COVID-19 pandemic. But with a usual April premiere date, the spy thriller still has time to potentially make its normal 2021 premiere.

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